Friday, January 26, 2007

Double SL Kitzbuehel! GO CANADA!

Hello from Kitzbuehel - home of the world famous Hahnenkamm race! I arrived yesterday! At first glance, the Hannenkam seems, well, not so impressive. I mean, Kitzbuehel itself is not surrounded by high, majestic mountains. It's actually quite low. But, today, I was able to get a closer look! I walked up to the first pitch during the training runs today! And, let me tell you that that I was literally staring at a wall! Woaw! Much respect those who challenge it!

But, not this year though. The downhill race has been cancelled (I think I already mentionned that) due to lack of snow. They actually helicoptered in some snow from a local glacier so that they could hold the slalom. Well, they pulled it off! The Canadians say that the course will be good.

I'm looking forward to the race tomorrow! It should be a big party! Apparently, it always is! If only I could get rid of this cold I have, so that I can participate in the festivities!

On a side note, I met Aksel! You know THE Aksel! Not exactly the way I planned though. Where to start? I met JP in Innsbruck on the way to Kitzbuhel! I was helping JP with his bags. We were waiting for the elevator and we happened to kiss! As we were kissing the doors opened AND GUESS WHO WAS STANDING IN THE ELEVATOR! Yup! Aksel! JP laughed and introduced me! I somewhat babbled a hello or something! I guess I ruined all my chances! Oh well....

More news tomorrow...

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow!

I apologize for not having written sooner. There's been a lot of things happening, but not much to write home about...if ya know what I mean?

Where to start!? Well, JP's second race at La Plagne went really well. He finished the day in 20th position, which ranks him in 37th on the Europa Cup tour! Let's just put it this way, it's a much need small step in the right direction.

From there we drove to Zurich. We stayed at the Welcome Inn near the airport and ate some late night fondue. The next morning we continued on to Innsbruck (with a small pit stop in St. Gallen to watch the Downhill race in Val D'Isere where we won not one, but two podiums!). We arrived in Innsbruck in the early afternoon and went to dinner at Papa Joe's (it's a must when you're in Innsbruck - they have yard long beers)!

On Sunday, I decided to leave JP (and the team) to go to South Tirol to visit the Frisch's. The team decided to train in Innsbruck, but good training doesn't always equal good skiing. And, as much as I love JP, I've seen Innsbruck and I didn't feel like hanging out in the hotel room all day.

So, independent me went in search of snow! It was a good move because it started to snow here Monday night! Lot's of snow! Yoohoo! Yesterday, I finally skied some powder! It was a little heavy, but at this point, beggers can't be choosers! It was a lot of fun!

I'm going skiing again this morning. I can't wait!

Tomorrow, I'm heading to Kitzbuehel! For those of you that don't know Kitzbuehel it's THE RACE OF THE YEAR! But, unfortunately, they had to cancel the downhill due guessed it - lack of snow! But, they're holding two slaloms and JP will be racing in both!

Ok! I'm going skiing!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

A Ray of Sunlight on an Otherwise Rainy Day!

I arrived in La Plagne, France yesterday evening! It was a long, but beautiful ride over. I took the train from Sion to Annecy (three connections in total). One of my connections (from Martigny to St-Gervais) went through Chamonix/Mont-Blanc. The ride was incredible. The train goes into the mountains and literally hangs off the cliffs edge. It’s almost like riding on a roller coaster! I highly recommend it! A must do on any trip through the Alps.

JP’s tech, Yul, came to pick me up at the train station and drove me to La Plagne. I’m doing a lot of mileage and seeing a lot of countryside. I love Europe!

Today, JP had a Europa Cup race. The day went pretty smoothly, despite the poor weather conditions – a mix of snow and rain. JP started 37 and managed to qualify in the top 30. He started 5th in the second run. The visibility was pretty poor for the first five racers and JP made a small mistake that cost him some time at the bottom of the course. He finished in 25th position. It was a minor victory, since JP’s actually finished the race (which hasn’t been the case all season). Could this really be the end of his DNF streak? I certainly hope so!

JP has another race tomorrow! Go, go, go JP!

P.S. I’m officially a CAST volunteer! They actually put me to good use and gave me a walky-talky to report the times back to the coaches! I guess if I want to travel with the team more often, I have to make myself useful! And, I thought standing in the finish and looking pretty was useful enough…I guess not…